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Certified Provider of Active Release Technique in New York

Here's what some of our patients think...

Lisa M.

​Peak Death Race Survivor 2x,

Cross Fit, & NYC Endurance

"I first met Dr. Levine for treatment of a persistent sprained ankle  about 10  years ago. I had heard that ART was suitable treatment for this kind of injury. From the very first  session I learned that Dr. Levine was a dedicated provider with a gentle manner and positive attitude. He checked out my overall gait and posture as well as giving  my ankle an intense treatment. I believe it took 6 weekly sessions to rehab the ankle and the ART worked like magic. Yes it is a physiological effect and not magic but my ankle has not bothered me to this day, despite running many miles on technical trails since then. I believe ART is a very beneficial treatment for wide range of injuries and I also enjoy the benefit of Dr. Levine's chiropractic skills. I continue to see Dr. Levine on a regular basis for maintenance. I schedule appointments when I have a race coming up so that I am adjusted prior to my run and to take care of resulting tweaks and aches after it. When any of my athlete friends mention some injury or problem of theirs I never hesitate to recommend ART as provided by Dr. Levine. He truly understands athletes' needs and goals and works hard to help them recover and get them back to doing what they love...I still think there is magic involved"